Why you should be using Taurus Bluline Shear Balers

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London, United Kingdom
20th November 2019

Why you should be using Taurus Bluline Shear Balers


The Taurus Bluline shear balers from Blue Group are a hugely versatile machine capable of pressing various types of metal. With their unique ‘Swing Wings’ compression box they are highly efficient at increasing the density of your scrap whilst minimising frictional wear and tear within the squeezebox.

Taurus balers and shear balers are built to last. Experience has shown us the importance of re-enforcing machines at their critical stress points. This ensures the machines withstand the rigour of continuous all day shearing and baling.
All machine parts are constructed using state of the art precision tools and machinery. This helps avoid secondary modifications during the assembly process and improves the quality of coupling. Taurus Bluline shear balers are constructed using many individual parts; many being interchangeable between different models. Having high interchangeability between components gives our models great longevity as parts will always be readily available.

Taurus Shear Balers are capable of dealing with a number of different types of waste metal including;

• E.L.V scrap cars
• White scrap
• Light scrap
• Collected scrap
• Heavy scrap
• Demolition scrap


Described as a medium sized work-horse this space saving single piece frame doesn’t require expensive foundations. Quick to set up and easy to reposition the COMPACT ACH is built on a single continuous frame with the main compression cylinder, engine, hydraulic and electrical components safely placed at the rear. TAURUS BLULINE shears and balers are typically 20 – 30% heavier than our competitors, indicating the extra strengthening and wear resistance built into every machine we make.

Shear Baler Stationary ACS

Although stationary the ACS also doesn’t require costly foundations to be installed. Designed for medium and heavy loads the ACS contains an original Taurus compression box, but with the addition of a patented hinged swinging-lid system that operates longitudinally and laterally to the base. To deal with heavy waste goods the internal surfaces of the lid are made of wear-resistant Hardox steel that incorporate a synthetic material which is self-lubricating; allowing for smooth guidance even after long operational time.

Shear Baler Stationary GIANT AGS

With best in class performance the GIANT AGS balers are powerful and fast. AGS shears incorporate a heavy structure that doesn’t require foundations, and come equipped with a solid supporting frame. The frame provides protection for the hydraulic piping and other critical parts, including the main pushing cylinder providing a powerful but safe baler.

Shear Baler Stationary RAPID ARS

ARS balers utilise the original compression box with swinging lids for use with heavy loads. A new tail design helps better support the main pushing cylinder. Available with a more powerful diesel engine or double electrical engine for a more economical process without compromising on performance. The main cylinder can be equipped with a longitudinal cover to protect the cylinder during the entire process.

Blue Group provides Taurus Blueline Shear Balers across the U.K and Ireland. The Taurus Bluline is synonymous with precision engineering, and is trusted the world over for their high-quality specification in scrap metal processing.