The Quest for Zero to Landfill

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London, United Kingdom
1st November 2019

The Quest for Zero to Landfill


Blackpole Recycling, based in Worcester, have recently purchased a Fuchs MHL 250 and a Doppstadt 2060K slow speed shredder in their aim to achieve ‘Zero to Landfill’.

The company was set up in September 2000 by Jonathon Dew and his father David. Today it remains a family business with many family members active within the company on a daily basis. Over the years the business has grown considerably, and now has 40 employees including drivers as well as office and yard staff. While originally focusing on haulage, Blackpole now predominantly concentrates on recycling, supplying skips of all sizes, wheelie bins and recycled aggregates. At present, only 3% of the waste the company takes into the plant on a yearly
basis goes to landfill.

The Doppstadt DW 2060K was brought in to pre-shred the material, making it much easier to process, which will ultimately increase the percentage of recycled materials. The machine is ideally suited for this particular application due to its build quality in the tough waste environment. This single shaft shredder also has numerous beneficial features including optimal tooth arrangement on the 2m wide roller which rotates at 32rpm. Furthermore the machine has 14 roller teeth and 15 comb teeth ensuring comprehensive shredding of the waste material. It has a reversible fan wheel, generous hopper shape and size for easy loading, electrically controlled reversing roller and a large return conveyor. The shredder is also equipped with a hydraulically foldable rear conveyor which contributes to a fast set-up time once on site.

The Fuchs 250 is also perfect for this particular application. The height adjustable cab means there is clear visibility for loading the material into the Doppstadt, and as the cab is pressurised, the working environment for the operative is also much improved when compared with a loading shovel or excavator. In addition to this, there is the safety aspect. The Fuchs is planted with its legs down before grabbing the material and rotating, as opposed to other types of equipment which would be constantly moving around what is a very busy site at Blackpole.

Commenting on the purchase, Jonathon Dew Managing Director at Blackpol, “We initially had the machines on demo to compare them with competitor shredders and material handlers. We realised very quickly that both the Doppstadt and the Fuchs were the best in their class. We also found it easy to work with the team at Blue, particularly Brian McNabb and Stuart Witt with whom we have developed a strong relationship”.


We found it easy to work with the team at Blue, particularly Brian McNabb and Stuart Witt with whom we have developed a strong relationship.

Jonathon Dew, Managing Director at Blackpol