Blue Projects

Blue Projects is a world leader in the design, planning and installation of waste recycling facilities and material processing systems.

Blue Projects are a world leader in the design, planning and installation of recycling plants and MRF’s.  We work with clients across the globe, helping them to create the perfect plant solution for their site, budget and material.  From the initial concept through to delivery, our focus is on optimal engineering to ensure the highest possible cost efficiencies for your business.

Moreover, our recycling plants range from small entry level systems to complex large volume MRF operations.  Each and every intsalltion is bespoke and tailored to the clients exacting needs

Additionally, they can be designed to process a range of materials including C&D, C&I, DMR, organics, biomass or any other material recovery task

Moreover the Blue Projects expert project management team ensure your objectives are fulfilled within your budget and available space.


Every waste company’s requirements are unique in terms of material stream, what they are looking to separate, in what volumes and levels of purity. Our aim is to work with the customer and fulfil those specific requirements. So, whatever your aims and objectives, our first step is to listen, understand your needs, as well as investigate your businesses particular circumstances.

Planning and Design

Through both our experience and knowledge of equipment, we are able to design the right plant for you, taking into consideration budget, space available and the objectives of your business. We are also able to source the right machinery to maximise your results and profitability.


Our engineers understand the complex compliance requirements for the construction of waste plants. Whether building a complex plant in Australia or a simple system to separate C&D waste in the UK, we are able to meet all regulations. Blue Projects has the global reach and expertise to execute challenging and complex projects, large and small.

Project Management

We have the expertise to manage the whole project from beginning to end. Not only taking care of the plant, but also related tasks, including civils, electrics and fire prevention systems. This means the customer has one point of contact for all aspects of the project.


We are here to support your business for the life of the plant. Our team of engineers offer maintenance and servicing and our spares department can source all parts required to keep the plant running to maximum capacity.

Blue Projects cover a range of applications within the five segments we operate in.

Portfolio Equipment
Output Material

Application:Construction & Demolition Waste

Portfolio Equipment:Overband & Crossband magnets, Trommels, Conveyors, Vibrating pan feeders, Picking stations, Crushers, Screeners, Material handlers, Windsifters

Output Material:Sized aggregate, Wood Waste, Metal, RDF


Portfolio Equipment:Crushers, Screeners, Conveyors, Washing plants, Aggregated minerals and treatment plants

Output Material:Sized aggregates

Application:Fines Clean Up

Portfolio Equipment:Vibrating and density separators, mobile picking stations, Optical separators, Eddy current separators

Output Material:Mixed fines

Portfolio Equipment
Output Material

Application:Green Waste

Portfolio Equipment:Trommels, Belt feeder, Picking station, Windsifters

Output Material:Compost

Application:Commercial & Industrial Waste

Portfolio Equipment:Trommels, Overband & Crossband magnets, Optical separators, De-stoner, Eddy current separators, Air density separators, shredders, Balers, Windsifters, Material handlers

Output Material:Wood Waste, Recyclables, Metals, RDF/SRF

Application:Municipal Waste

Portfolio Equipment:Bag opening feeders, Picking stations, Trommels, Ballistic separators, Overband & Crossband magnets, shredders, material handlers, Windsifters, Balers

Output Material:Organic waste, Waste metals, Recyclables, RDF/SRF

Application:Dry Mixed Materials

Portfolio Equipment:Optical sorters, Eddie current Separators, Overband & Crossband magnets, Blowers, Material handlers, Balers

Output Material:Glass, Recyclables

Application:Waste Wood

Portfolio Equipment:Shredders, Trommels, Splitters, Chippers, Grinders, All metal separators, Magnets and Eddy currents, Material handlers

Output Material:Board-mill material, Animal bedding, Biomass, Metals

Portfolio Equipment
Output Material


Portfolio Equipment:Eddy current separators, All metal separator, Overband & Crossband magnets, picking stations, Trommels, Drum magnets, Hammermills, Pre-shedders, Shear Baler, Balers, Conveyors, Material handlers

Output Material:Metal, RDF/SRF

Portfolio Equipment
Output Material


Portfolio Equipment:Material Handlers, Hoppers, Conveyors, Cranes

Output Material:Dry bulky materials

Portfolio Equipment
Output Material

Application:Fuel Production

Portfolio Equipment:Trommels, Overband & Crossband magnets, Hoppers/feeders, Ballistic separators, De-stoners, shredders, Screeners, Balers

Output Material:RDF/SRF Production

Application:Food waste

Portfolio Equipment:De-packaging systems

Output Material:Biogas

Application:Wood waste

Portfolio Equipment:Shredders, Trommels, Splitters, Chippers, Grinders, All metal separators, Magnets and Eddy currents, Material handlers

Output Material:Biomass/Wood Pellets