Cone Crusher Applications

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London, United Kingdom
19th November 2019

Cone Crusher Applications


You will usually find cone crushers in a number of industries that revolve around mining, quarrying, and recycling. By means of attrition, the Cone Crusher reduces the size of materials into a cubical end product which each of these industries require use of.

Mining and Quarrying

The mining industry’s crushing and grinding requirements have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. With a focus on lowering costs, and increasing production and energy efficiency, industries require substantial crushing equipment.

Modern cone crushers that use hydraulic hold-down clamping allow industries to crush more capacity, with much more power than ever before. The automatic control of Cone Crushers has maximised power draw and through put exponentially.

Cone crushers dominate the hard rock crushing market as they are suited to secondary, tertiary and quaternary applications.

The Cone Crusher provides an excellent reduction and product cubicity for the production of high quality aggregate and sub-base materials. Uncrushable materials will not affect the functionality of the crusher due to its hydraulic release capabilities, which removes the material from the chamber safely.

With a re-circulating conveyor and double desk screen, the Powerscreen range of cone crushers provide the complete crushing and screening process in a single chassis design.
Three end products are available, when oversized material doesn’t require re-circulation to the crusher. These multiple applications within a single machine provides the diversity the mining and quarrying industries require.


Where old asphalt was traditionally seen as useless due to its two main materials – bitumen and aggregates – modern day crushers can separate bitumen and aggregates for reuse as new asphalt.

Modern Asphalt stations can create new asphalt mix with 70% recycled materials. This has made huge strides from the past where asphalt was rarely recycled because it had to be done through melting. This required huge amounts of energy and was highly unsustainable.

The mobile nature of the Powerscreen Cone Crusher range means materials can be crushed close to the material location, saving huge amounts on transport costs.

Mining, quarrying and recycling plants make use of the Powerscreen range of Cone crushers thanks to their industry leading applications and heard wearing structures.