Features within the Doppstadt DW series

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London, United Kingdom
20th November 2019

Features within the Doppstadt DW series

Waste Systems

The DW slow speed shredder series is a powerful range of shredders used across a number of industries for the processing of waste wood, roots, green waste, bio-waste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, construction waste and much more.

It is the unique set of features included in the DW series that make the sheer amount of different applications possible. Here is a run down of the features that make the DW series so sought after:

• Control Panel

All the main functions for operation and maintenance can be coordinated from a single control panel. The user interface is straightforward to use, and the system can easily be changed from manual to automatic. The control panel includes an integrated rectifier and SPS for display of the automated machine functions.

• Drive

Powerful AC or DC motors with outputs of 132kW all the way up to 380kW drive the roller, so materials can be shredded quicker and easier than ever.

• Hopper Plates

The robust construction gives a large platform for delivering materials by wheel loader or excavator. Quality Hopper Plates siphon the material so that they cause the least amount of wear and tear.

• Roller and Shredding Comb

The roller teeth shred the material by pulling it through the hydraulically controlled shredding comb. The comb opens automatically if any large unshreddable materials find their way into the machine, extending the lifespan of wearable parts and ultimately protecting the machine from avoidable downtimes.

• Remote Control

Every important function in the shredder can be controlled using the 16-channel remote.

• Maintenance

All working parts within the machine are easily reachable thanks to optimally placed access doors.

• Roller Exchange

The shredding roller can be easily removed for maintenance or exchanged for another roller.

• Lower Discharge Conveyor

The interchangeable construction of the machines means that even the conveyor can be replaced by other discharge and conveying equipment, without affecting performance.

The features of the DW slow speed wood shredder range puts them at the top of the list for leading industries.