ReFood install two Tigers in Widnes

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1st November 2019

ReFood install two Tigers in Widnes


Blue Machinery (Central) are fortunate to be part of the most exciting Biogas Plant the UK Waste Industry has seen to date. ReFood have installed two Tiger HS640 machines to de-package food waste at the prestigious new Plant in Widnes, Cheshire.

The new plant has the capacity to handle 90,000 tonnes of commercial and domestic food waste and will generate up to 2,000m3 per hour of raw biogas. The new Widnes ReFood plant is part of PDM’s plan to spend more than £90m on its UK operations before the end of 2014.

ReFood part of the PDM Group, now rebranded as SARIA UK are the UK’s largest food waste recycler. Once completed, the £20m Widnes plant will be the largest food waste gas- to-grid AD project in the UK. Once the gas has been drawn off, a nutrient-rich fertiliser is left which can then be used by farmers in the local area to grow new crops.

The diversification into a gas-to-grid system represents ReFood’s ongoing commitment to offering a wide portfolio of renewable energy solutions. Further AD plants being developed by ReFood in the UK will use a combination of systems to provide sales of electricity, heat, gas and other forms of renewable energy applications.

The 2nd site compliments ReFood’s first UK AD plant which opened in September 2011 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The Doncaster plant processes approximately 45,000 tonnes of food waste per annum, collected from local shops, restaurants and cafes as well as residues from PDM Group’s pet food production plant.

Doncaster has been successfully operating a Tiger HS640 machine since it opened in 2011. The success of the machine in the Doncaster plant has led to Blue Machinery (Central) securing the order for the Widnes Project.