London, United Kingdom
19th November 2019

Crusher Types


Blue Group supply world leading materials processing equipment for a wide variety of different industries including mining, quarrying, forestry, composting and waste recycling across the UK and Ireland. Blue is able to combine the very best, proven equipment with the latest innovative technology; providing our customers with a competitive edge.

Crushers reduce the size of materials such as rocks, turning them into smaller sized aggregates and dust. Blue offer an extensive range of market leading crushers as part of our mobile machinery range brought to you by Terex, a world leading manufacturer of mobile crushing apparatus, under both the EvoQuip and Powerscreen brands.

This news article, highlights the different types of crushers, hopefully helping you to identify which is the most suitable for your particular application.

Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers are often referred to as primary crushers as they are responsible for initial volume reduction, and are most suited to medium scale quarrying, mining and even demolition practices. The crushing action is achieved from two ‘jaws’, hence the name of the machinery. The crusher operates using a jaw chamber which has a moving jaw crushing the material against a fixed jaw. With its operational simplicity and often ease of transportation, a jaw crusher is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Cone Crushers

The operation of this crusher relies on squeezing rock between a mantel that is mounted on to the central vertical spindle and the concave which is attached on to main frame of the crusher. Cone crushers are often referred to as secondary crushers as they are responsible for sizing the material to more specific sizes. The material is reduced to a size depending on the gap left between the concave and mantle, known as the closed side setting. Rock material will continue to fall into the crushing chamber, between the concave and mantle until it small enough to fall through an opening at the very bottom. This type of machinery is perfect for high specification material as it not only reliable but offers product quality too.

Impact Crushers

This type of crusher involves impact in order to crush its material. Impact crushers are used for softer materials where reduction ratios can be far higher. The term impact refers to the motion where the material is effectively thrown against impact liners by the blow bars within a rotor within the crushing chamber.

In order to run a cost effective crushing process, businesses can use a combination of crushing machinery. Our range of crushers offer efficiency and reliability for a whole range of different working environments. Whether your business is quarrying or involves a waste recycling plant, Blue Group have got you covered!

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