Industries That Benefit From Balers

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London, United Kingdom
20th November 2019

Industries That Benefit From Balers

Waste Systems

We recently announced the distribution agreement with CK International, a company leading the way in the manufacturing of high quality baling solutions. CK International provide a huge range of balers, including a twin ram fully automatic baler designed for baling RDF and SRF / MSW waste; fully automatic channel press balers commonly used for compacting large amounts of recyclable materials; and semi-automatic balers designed for processing large volumes of waste where vertical presses are too labour intensive.

Balers have become a vital instrument in a huge number of industries, but which businesses actually benefit from installing balers?

Waste Management

CK International manufacture a range of semi-automatic and twin ram balers that can be customised to client’s requirements. Their extensive portfolio and knowledge from years in the waste industry has allowed them to solve even the most challenging WR problems. By installing balers, waste management companies reduce skip hire and waste disposal costs whilst improving productivity, as staff are freed up to focus on other areas of work.

Distribution Centres

With large quantities of products packaged in cardboard and plastic, distribution centres have a lot of waste to deal with. Traditionally this waste material was thrown into skips, but with rising waste disposal costs, it is much more effective to bale waste materials. These centres benefit from a more cost-effective way of dealing with waste, with the potential to sell on the baled waste, provide a cleaner and safer work environment, and provide companies with the peace of mind of excellent CK International after sales service.


Recent government initiatives have clamped down on the amount of waste that ends up at landfill, encouraging everyone to recycle. Local councils are utilising balers to help them recycle more household waste whilst reducing the costs of doing so. The range of material processing equipment from CK International helps councils achieve these recycling targets.