The Machinery Debate: New or Used

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London, United Kingdom
19th November 2019

The Machinery Debate: New or Used

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The discussion that depicts second hand items and brand new items against one another can be applied to a whole range of different industries. From fashion to machinery, the ideas that support either side are able to hold their own ground when it comes to this great debate.

Here at Blue Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality machinery for the range of different recycling, quarrying and material processing industries within England, Scotland and Wales. In addition we are also able to offer an array of used machinery for those that want the very best equipment but on a budget. The question however still remains – does new machinery or used machinery hold the advantage?

In this article we have collated together several ideas, opinions and facts in order to provide a detailed report that may serve as a basis when it comes to making your very own purchase decision.

New Machinery

Whilst paying out for brand new equipment can be a hard on the bank, it screams professionalism, allows you to get your hands on the latest technology and can put you ahead of the competition that have older or used machines. By having the best equipment, you have a unique edge and are able to build customer confidence in your brand. It could be an option to look at getting finance on the equipment, there are a lot of options out there to raise the capital needed, including via Blue Finance, which could work for your business. At the end of the day, it’s all about the sums. If the new machine can you are looking to purchase can generate additional revenue which is higher than the monthly repayments then it is certainly worth investigating. Plus when you have paid off the machine, all additional revenue can go in to the business. There is also the resale value. A new machine is going to have a residual value after it has been paid off, so you could have saved yourself a lot of hassle and generated more money via the new machine and life cost may be similar to that of a used once you have sold it on…for another machine.

Of course a final point to mention when discussing the benefits of new equipment is the warranty you get. The machines we sell often work in challenging environments and no matter what the brand, they can potentially have an issue. New machines all come with a warranty which is maintained if regularly serviced and OEM ware parts are used. The cost of a machine going down can be high. It’s not just the loss of processing from that machine, but also any other machines in the chain, drivers of all connected equipment including loaders and ultimately could impact on a business’s contracts to provide material.

Used Machinery

The most obvious advantage when it comes to used machinery is the price, as with most things that are used, the equipment will come with a more attractive price tag than their brand new counterparts. In fact, sometimes this machinery will work equally as well too! In addition to this, used machinery that is in good condition, and operates efficiently means that you are able to get your hands on it for a price that won’t break the bank and allow you to increase your fleet. Often this may allow you to dip your toe in the water with a different kind of material or process within your business, before potentially investing in new equipment. The advantage of buying used equipment from Blue of course is that we are able to support your equipment via our network of engineers and dedicated spare parts facility, should it be required to keep your business moving.

The machinery that is put to use can impact how successful a business runs. After all, it is this technology that does a large amount of the work. Sometimes companies prefer to invest in brand new equipment whilst others enjoy the idea of rehoming a trusty piece of used machinery.
Of course, we all should know that a smoothly operating business is only as good as the machinery behind it! For more information about our range of material processing equipment get in contact with a member of the Blue Group team today!