Finding the right recycling system

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London, United Kingdom
20th November 2019

Finding the right recycling system

Waste Systems

Every recycling operation in the UK would likely benefit from its own custom made plant installation in order to operate at maximum efficiency. At Blue Group we will be with you for the entire process of installation; from the initial discussions, where we can advise on the right system for you based on the amount and type of waste you will be dealing with.

In the design stage, we can fit your system in to the space available at your site and also take into account human resource capability and finance available. We will be there through to the installation stage to make sure the machines are up and running smoothly and that they are fully tested to ensure they are working to optimum efficiency. Once you have established the requirements for the recycling system you can start looking at what equipment will be needed.

Here are some of the most important pieces of equipment for any waste recycling plant:


The type of equipment required for each site depends on the type of waste that you are dealing with. Feeders will be your first piece of machinery dealing with any waste.
Devised to take the initial input material and deliver a smooth and even feed to the plant so that the material can be sorted and separated effectively. Depending on what type of material is being used, different feeders are necessary: finger, pan, belt and grizzly feeders are all available depending on requirements.


To bring down the initial, often vast weight of the input waste material, a trommel screen is used. This equipment removes fines of a predetermined size through apertures in the drum, leaving larger waste that is easier to handle throughout the subsequent stages. Depending on your process, volume and waste stream the aperture on the trommel screen can be changed from 8mm up to 100mm.


Having the correctly devised picking stations means you have the right number of picking bays to ensure safe separation of required recoverables. These stations can allow for accurate separation of recyclable materials such as wood, paper, soft and hard plastics as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metal. The cabins are constructed with safety and comfort in mind and our designs are fully enclosed with heating and lighting to create a good working environment for operatives. All cabin dimensions, belt length and width as well as installation heights are all variable and can be designed to your exact specifications.

Blue Group installs recycling systems of all sizes and necessities: from entry level trommel systems, to small and medium sized operations, all the way up to multi-million-pound complex MRF’s.