London, United Kingdom
1st November 2019

Doppstadt Expo


Doppstadt recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary with an incredible EXPO, attracting over 3,000 people over three days to their facility in Calbe, Germany.

The event started in the evening of June 24th with Doppstadt employees, dealers and customers coming together for a celebration of the company’s growth and success, as well as a presentation from Ferdinand Doppstadt on future strategy. Over the following two days it was all about machines themselves with factory tours commencing every 20 minutes in a variety of languages to illustrate the technology and investment that has been made to ensure the precision manufacture of Doppstadt equipment. Of course there were also the tours of the 100 machines on display, of which an incredible 40 were

performing live demonstrations. What is clear to see is that Doppstadt’s future plans include the development of strategic alliances with other leading environmental technology businesses. Two such examples being Gunther GmbH and Westeria. Gunther’s splitter technology has been incorporated in to a number of Doppstadt’s mobile and static machines including the HS2 and larger F3. The patented screen system on these machines can separate notoriously difficult screen materials, including industrial and organic waste in to three fractions. Blue will be looking to demonstrate this technology at RWM in September, so make sure you come and see what it’s all about. Westeria’s Windsifter technology, which will be incorporated within the new Doppstadt WS200 K-AT, separates the materials in to three fractions depending on their density. Again Blue plan to have an example of this technology at RWM 2015 so come and see us at stand V160 in hall 5.