Enablelink’s SPALECK Screen Deck producing quality scrap metal

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9th December 2019

Enablelink’s SPALECK Screen Deck producing quality scrap metal


Enablelink Ltd, a well-known metal merchants formed in 2007 by Roy Millard, has just taken delivery of the UK’s first quality SPALECK Screen Deck designed specifically to extract dirty fines from scrap metal to leave a clean final material.

The screen deck has been built within a BlueMAC Manufacturing frame at Enablelink’s Bilston site, near Birmingham, with the sale, design and construction being via appointed distributers Blue Southern.

Enablelink has invested in a complete solution that not only furthers their scrap metal processing capacity but also, more specifically, enhances the cleanliness and quality of the end-material produced by eliminating dirty fines. Previously, these fines were costing Enablelink around £90,000 a month in revenue due to steel manufacturer knock backs.

Ordinarily, the steel manufacturer uses 340-350kWh of electricity per tonne to melt steel however to melt dirty fines they’re required to use around 500-600kWh – almost double the amount of electricity required to melt steel. And so, knock backs arose because of the increased electricity cost to the steel manufacturer. With such a heavy revenue impact, several solutions were tried and tested over the course of 3 years however none with substantial results. That is until Enablelink turned to equipment distributor Blue Southern who, with the assistance of its sister company BlueMAC, provided the ideal screening solution. Having reported exceptional results, Enablelink have not looked back since their purchase with the company looking to process over 500 tonnes of material via the plant every day.

The new sound proof system, designed and built to provide a high throughput performance due to its maximum open screen surface, is capable of separating material in accordance to size as well as grading categories. Consisting of an 8 degree decline primary vibratory feeder sized 2200mm wide by 3000mm long, material is agitated and moved along the feeder by a forward motion. This tailor-made solution also comprises of a 2400mm x 5000mm main screen with an arrangement of 15mm and 20mm screens that enable the fines element to drop down. Operating with a circular motion and driven by a three-phase AC motor, these screens are easy to clean, near to maintenance-free and offer low operating costs due to the high lifetime of wear parts and low electrical consumption.

Commenting on the new installation EnableLink’s Managing Director, Roy Millard, said he was very impressed with the product and Blue’s fantastic support throughout the process. Due to the quality of the end material produced, Roy also predicted that the machine will have paid for itself within 2 years.

Blue Machinery Southern Salesman, Mark McMullan also highlighted. “The issue of dirty fines within scrap metal is a challenge faced by all manufacturers who make new steel products by recycling waste metal. This innovative concept eliminates that issue, drastically reducing costs for the manufacturers and maintaining the revue for metal merchants such as Enablelink”.