A Discussion on Recycling

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20th November 2019

A Discussion on Recycling

Waste Systems

Every day we are told how important it is to recycle. From magazine articles to televised campaigns, it’s very doubtful that there’s a single person in the UK that’s not heard about the concept of reusing old materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. With this said, however, the processes that are carried out once we have delivered our plastic bottles and used paper to the recycling bin is still rather unexplored.

This article serves to briefly highlight the journey that recycling waste- such as cardboard, paper and plastic- takes in order to be repurposed for another use, while also touching on our innovative range of waste recycling machinery.

The Processes

Carboard makes up a large amount of recycling within the UK since deliveries are packaged in this type of material. Using a machine know as a baler, cardboard is turned into bales that are directly sold to independent buyers who re-form it for recycled cardboard products. This process is also carried out when it comes to paper products.

Glass bottles, such as the kind that alcohol or farmers milk are sold in, are placed through a cleaning process at the start of their recycling journey in order to separate the different types. In fact, glass plays a pivotal part within the recycling industry because it has a very unique property that allows it to return to the same composition when it is recycled, meaning that it can remain at a very high quality.
Plastics comes in two forms; soft and rigid. The softer variety includes items like plastic soda bottles. These are turned into bales using a baler and then sent to a market where they are turned into various different polymers. Rigid plastics such as garden furniture are also put though the same process, however since they can be formed from many polymers the final product may vary and some hard plastic can actually be used within the manufacture of car bumpers.

Our Recycling Machinery: Balers

Our recycling range includes the full range of Marathon balers. Not only are these able to provide you with a unique advantage over the competitors in the recycling industry, they are suited to processing a range of different waste materials such as cardboard, plastic and metal cans. The Marathon range includes the Atlas, our most affordable model; the Galaxy 2Ram which is designed for strength and endurance; and the Gemini Xtreme which ties the bales vertically so that fluffing or preconditioning is not required!
Here at Blue Group, our range of innovative machinery stretches beyond the quarrying industry. In fact, our range of Balers are the perfect addition to all recycling systems when it comes to processing a range of different waste. Whether you’re looking for a horizontal, closed end or auto tie baler, you can bet that Blue Group have got you covered! For more information, speak to a member of the team today!