Doppstadt Launch AK560 waste and wood shredder

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1st November 2019

Doppstadt Launch AK560 waste and wood shredder


Due to the exceptionally high demand for the Doppstadt AK 510 shredder over the last few years, the limited stock of engines fulfilling exhaust gas norm Euromot IIIB / Tier 4 interim is nearly at its end.

While going through the process of changing the engines to the Euromot IV/Tier 4 final exhaust norm, Doppstadt are also going to be improving and combining the AK 510 and AK 535 wheeled models to become the new AK 560 EcoPower.* One of the key benefits of the new AK EcoPower is the more powerful engine which also gives cleaner emissions, meaning it’s better for the environment. Doppstadt have selected the already proven engine MTU 6R1300 from the DW 3060 which generates more throughput whilst reducing fuel consumption in the new AK 560. Exhaust gas norm Tier 4 final is also reached without using a DPF (diesel particle filter). The new automatic tensioning system eliminates the requirement for frequent, manual tensioning of the power belt, reducing maintenance on the machines.

Engine Type: MTU 6R1300

Working Speed Diesel Engine: 2,000 rpm

Power at Working Speed: 390 kW (532 PS)

Exhaust Norm: EUROMOT IV / Tier 4 final

*The AK 510K tracked machine will remain part of the Doppstadt range