Why You Should Choose Genuine Crusher Spares

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London, United Kingdom
10th December 2019

Why You Should Choose Genuine Crusher Spares


In order for our Blue Spares department to be as successful as it is, we rely heavily on the quality of the spares, as much as the speed in which we deliver. Every operation that utilises crushing machines is looking to increase production in an ever-expanding industry. This raises a problem. Increasing production means that costs will also have to rise.

So, is there anything that can be done to increase productivity whilst reducing the cost of doing so?

One way of making potential savings is through the selection of the highest quality manganese castings for machinery. Trying to find bargain machines, or bargain replacement parts provides a false economy. Short term savings will end up costing your business a lot more in the long-term, as cheaper alternatives have a much shorter operational life-span. Not long after installation, you will find yourself in need of another spare part very soon.

Take a close look at your operation: take note of the material you are crushing in relation to the type of crusher you’re using. Matching the profile of the manganese part to your operation requirements means you can run more efficiently, reducing downtime and lowering your operating and maintenance costs.

Manganese Castings

The Manganese content in castings comes in a range of options. Asking the right questions before purchasing means you can identify which is the right range for your operation. Meaning lower costs for future operations.

The content ranges between 9% – 24%:

14% = 13-14% MN
18% = 17% MN
21% = 21%

Any one of these manganese percentages could be the best one for your application, depending on what you’re crushing. Whilst 21% may be necessary for one type of application; 14% manganese can work efficiently for hard non-abrasive materials. The hardness of the material is an important factor as the manganese must be “work-hardened” to work at optimum efficiency.

For your material processing equipment to remain functioning at its optimum, quality manganese castings are essential. Blue Spares supply quality genuine spares, so your machines will be up and running as quick as possible if things should go wrong.