Jones Skip Hire purchase Fuchs MHL350

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Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
20th November 2019

Jones Skip Hire purchase Fuchs MHL350

Material Handlers

Blue Southern have recently delivered a Fuchs MHL350 to Jones Skip Hire. The Wolverhampton based site initially purchased a MHL340 earlier this year and was so impressed with the machines performance, not less than a week later, the company had ordered a further Fuchs material handler, the MHL350.

Lyndon Rushby, Director of Jones Skips started the business with his Dad, Richard Rushby back in 1998. The company began as a partnership using a small fleet of skip vehicles and small stock of skip material. Over the years Jones Skips has expanded, with bigger custom and a bigger fleet. “To achieve success built upon first class service and 100% reliability” is the mission driving their success. The company continues to operate as a family run business, serving Waste Disposals, Bulk Haulage Services, Tipper Lorry Hire and many more. In order to keep up with the high demand of their service, Jones Skips have added two Fuchs Material Handlers to their fleet.

With an operating weight of up to 37.5 tonnes and a reach of 16 meters the Fuchs MHL350 gives a solid and unparalleled performance in a vast array of conditions. Many upgrades from the previous model have resulted in higher fuel efficiency, improved height range and smoother performance and control. The new high output 160 kW turbo diesel engine and the powerful dual circuit hydraulic system ensures that even heavier loads are handled with precision and speed. Alongside the MHL350’s renowned robustness and state of the art technology, attention to detail in operator comfort and safety are just some of the further advantages which are standard on this highly functional handler.

Jones Skips have had a long-standing relationship with Blue, based very much on the excellent service received over many years. Stuart Hardiman of Blue Southern has set the benchmark for quality of service as Lyndon stated “I know if there is a problem with any piece of kit, I can call Stuart at 2.30pm and have an engineer on site the same day”. With a 2-acre site that processes 300-500 ton of varied material a day, reliability of equipment is important, but reliability of service is paramount to the success of the business.

The relationship has continued with Blue as a result of customer-centric service. Jones Skips first began their purchase history with Blue 8 years ago when obtaining a Doppstadt DW2560K. They now have two AK635’s as well as a DW3060, purchased last year in their fleet to downsize and shred material. Jones have purchased the Fuchs MHL340 for pre-sorting and feeding the waste plant and the MHL350 to feed the shredders and load artics with its impressive 800 litre grab for maximum volume.

With such a busy operation, responsible for not one but two county councils, lengthy breakdowns cannot be afforded. Lyndon confirmed the business has up to date leading equipment to maximise efficiencies and provide best possible customer service. This is why he chooses Fuchs and Blue Group’s thorough and timely support service to help keep his business running as smoothly as possible.

For more information on Jones Skips contact Lyndon Rushby on 01902 490642.


To achieve success built upon first class service and 100% reliability.

Lyndon Rushby, Director of Jones Skips