Blue Finance Offer 0% for 12 Months

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9th December 2019

Blue Finance Offer 0% for 12 Months


Get 0% for 12 months on any hire purchase, leasing or refinancing agreement until the end of May 2017 through Blue Finance. Alternatively you can get a 3 month payment holiday following the delivery of your machine.

Enjoy the benefits of zero interest for the first 12 months of your agreement – this means your first 12 months repayments are lower than the subsequent 24 – therefore providing a valuable cash flow benefit. Or you can enjoy a payment free period for 3 months following delivery of your machine. This again provides a valuable cash flow benefit at a time when other investments may be required.

Plus enjoy other benefits including VAT deferral – time the payment of the VAT on your next machine exactly in line with your VAT return. This means your VAT outlay on your next Blue Machine will not impact on your cash flow.

You can also use the benefits of our seasonal repayments option to match your repayments to your busiest trading periods. This means you pay your finance repayments when it best suits your business.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll make purchasing an asset as easy as possible, putting it straight to work while keeping your working capital intact.