BlueMAC All Metal Separator

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London, United Kingdom
1st November 2019

BlueMAC All Metal Separator

Waste Systems

Available in tracked, static or skid variations. Boost your profit with contamination free material, plus extract both ferrous & non-ferrous metal.

Generate new revenue streams with the BlueMAC Mobile All Metal Separator. Extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals from your waste material with ease. Plus open new markets for your remaining high quality final material, which in turn will attain a higher price. All from one machine.

Example Process – High quality Biomass

1) Material is added onto vibratory pan feeder.

2) It then moves over a magnetic drum separator to discharge the ferrous metal via the first side conveyor

3) The material then moves onto the Eddy Current to remove the non ferrous metal via the second side conveyor

4) The high quality metal free biomass material leaves the AMS final conveyor

Material throughput

For optimum screening, the material size should be as uniform as possible with particles as far as possible of similar size, ideally +/- 50mm. The actual screening efficiency achieved will depend on the material makeup and particle size. The maximum volumetric throughput is 90 m3/hr. The table below shows approximate rates in TPH based on various material densities.

Previously Tested Applications

Wood Chip
Solid Biomass
IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash)
RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)
SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)
Frag Waste
DMR (Dry Mixed Recyclables)
Trommel Fines
Recycled Hardcore

Find out how the BlueMAC Mobile AMS can benefit your business…

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