Bendall’s Metal Recycling in Gloucester takes on its second Fuchs MHL350 in less than a year

Family owned Bendall’s Metal Recycling Ltd have recently purchased their second Fuchs MHL350 material handler in less than 12 months to undertake a full range of tasks at their site in Gloucester.

The business is currently run by brother and sister team, Rob and Lucy but was initially set up back in 1997 by father Haydn Bendall. Today the company is busier than ever at their 3-acre site, which has led to the purchase of the new machines, as the company takes in scrap from a wide area, even reaching in to South Wales, as well as having a number of national contracts.

The first machine was purchased in 2017 as a replacement for the previous Fuchs machine, purchased back in 2008 by Haydn. While other machines were considered, the performance of the old machine meant Fuchs were clearly favourites. Add to this the huge improvements in design,

comfort and certainly power between the D Series previously used within the yard and the new F Series, it didn’t take much for Rob and Lucy to realise that the MHL350 was the right choice.

Rob Bendall, Co-owner of Bendalls Scrap Recycling explains “Previously we had a D Series Fuchs material handler and we certainly noticed the difference with this machine. Initially I was working it at only 70% power until I got used to its capabilities. The other key feature for me is the cab and controls. We are able to work in these machines for 40-50 hours a week due to the comfort, and they are extremely user friendly. The Bluetooth also means I can still take calls and manage the business from the cab.”

The machine offers an impressive 16m reach and boasts a powerful 160kW engine. It also incorporates the new cab, which won an iF Design award in 2017. The cab was designed specifically for handling machines and offers convenient access through a unique sliding door. The windscreen has a negative slant for a better view and the whole unit raises up to offer visibility up to 5.6m. The cab is also soundproof and offers exceptional comfort, keeping operators happy and productivity high. Other key features of the Fuchs MHL350 material handler is the joystick control, 7” multi-functional touch display and reversing fan, which not only offers enhanced cooling performance but also reduces dust within the intercooler, (water) and oil cooler. One of the most noticeable differences between this F Series and previous models however is the power. The high-output 160-kW turbo diesel engine and powerful hydraulics operating in a notably efficient dual-circuit system ensure that even heavier loads are handled with precision and speed.

“It’s always good to see such a progressive company such as Bendall’s see that Fuchs equipment are leading the way in material handling. These machines just keep working, day in, day out without any hassle or downtime, which I know is extremely important at a busy site like this one”. Pat James, Blue Group salesman

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