E-Crane Cranes

Blue are delighted to supply the full range of E-Crane Uppers, from the 700 series through to the 3000 series. By operating an E-Crane, you keep your energy costs low, while moving more material faster, further and at lower costs than conventional cranes. E-Crane’s balanced design drastically reduces horsepower requirements and saves energy, making E-Crane® the green alternative.

3000 Series

The 3000 Series is the largest of all E-Crane series with outreaches up to 48 meters (157 feet) and duty cycle capacities of up to 39 Mton (42.9 USton). These heavy-duty machines are ideal for major, high scale production material handling applications. 3000 Series E-Cranes can handle the largest loads of any series and have the most powerful main motors and largest components in the E-Crane product line. 3000 Series E-Crane also come with the Electronic Machine Management (EMM) remote control system, in order to minimise costs due to maintenance and downtime.

Product Features

Outreach: 31.7m – 47.8m

Duty cycle operation: 30MT – 39MT

Lift crane operation: 40MT -45MT

Product Videos