3000 Series

The E-Crane 3000 Series is the largest of all series with outreaches up to 48 meters (157 feet).  Additionally the Ecrane 3000 has duty cycle capacities of up to 39 Mton (42.9 USton).  These heavy-duty machines are ideal for major, high scale production material handling applications. 3000 Series E-Cranes can handle the largest loads of any series and have the most powerful main motors and largest components in the E-Crane product line. 3000 Series E-Crane also come with the Electronic Machine Management (EMM) remote control system, in order to minimise costs due to maintenance and downtime.

Product Features

Outreach: 31.7m – 47.8m

Duty cycle operation: 30MT – 39MT

Lift crane operation: 40MT -45MT

Product Videos