E-Crane Cranes

Blue are delighted to supply the full range of E-Crane Uppers, from the 700 series through to the 3000 series. By operating an E-Crane, you keep your energy costs low, while moving more material faster, further and at lower costs than conventional cranes. E-Crane’s balanced design drastically reduces horsepower requirements and saves energy, making E-Crane® the green alternative.

1000 Series

Slightly larger than the 700 Series, 1000 Series E-Cranes offer you more outreach and more capacity to handle larger loads. Just like the 700 Series, the 1000 Series is still very flexible and ideal for scrap handling applications. Serious bulk handling operations are also ideal for this Series.

The 1000 Series is also the smallest E-Crane® Series to include our state-of-the-art Electronic Machine Management (EMM) remote control system. The EMM system allows you to keep track of your E-Crane® by collecting data in real time and allows E-Crane® technicians to remotely update and troubleshoot your E-Crane® from anywhere in the world.

Product Features

Outreach: 24.8m-45m

Duty cycle operation: 9.1 MT – 10MT

Lift crane operation: 11MT -13.6MT

Product Videos