VTN Forestry Attachments

We can supply the full range of VTN forestry attachments which includes the stump cutter (series SC), wood shear (series W) and log grab (series RV). The VTN stump cutter comes in 2 sizes and are specially designed to extract the stump of a tree anchored to the ground from its roots. The wood shear comes in 3 sizes and are designed for forest utility work, trimming limbs and trees for roadside, trails and railroad tracks maintenance, in hard-to-reach places as well as difficult slopes, steep cliffs or in fruit fields where cutting rates are more subject to tree spacing and operator skill. The log grab comes in 5 sizes and is designed to increase your timber handling productivity. Mainly used in open country or on timber yards it is available for fixed mount use on excavator-based machines as well as for cranes, telescopic lifters, where large quantity of logs and round woods can be moved and transported.