40 years of expertise

Arden Equipment with more than 40 years of expertise, have developed a wide range of attachments for many sectors including demolition, recycling, recovery, earthworks, re-handling, forestry, and rail.  Arden Equipment’s buckets have built the company’s solid reputation.   Since then they have added many other attachments such as grapples, grabs, shears, loaders, clamshell grabs and many more.

Genuine Know how

A French manufacturer with a genuine know how. Arden Equipment is a French manufacturer that guarantees the quality of its equipment. It offers a complete range of innovative accessories for the most demanding jobs and applications. All its employees aim to best meet the requirements of its customers by offering tailor-made services to ensure the perfect adaptation of its equipment.


All its employees aim to respect this value to provide its custo­­mers with reliable equip­­ment at all levels. In March 2018 Arden Equip­­ment was awar­­ded for its new gene­­ra­­tion couplers with a triple safety that prevents any unlo­­cking of the equipment on construc­­tion sites in order to guaran­­tee an opti­­mal secu­­rity. By making envi­­ron­­men­­tal respon­­si­­bi­­lity one of its top prio­­ri­­ties with inno­­va­­tive, high-perfor­­mance paten­­ted concepts such as Arden Jet, the first inte­­gra­­ted water spray system to capture dust on construc­­tion sites, Arden Equip­­ment has retai­­ned its posi­­tion as a major player in the market.



Arden Equip­­ment strives to meet the expec­­ta­­tions of its custo­­mers by liste­­ning to them and offe­­ring them an after-sales service that meets their requi­­re­­ments. The company counts more than 200 employees in France and worldwide and conti­­nues to conquer markets by constantly deve­­lo­­ping its commer­­cial rela­­tions with its distri­­bu­­tors and custo­­mers around the world. With subsi­­dia­­ries in France, Great Britain, Russia, Germany and Spain. Arden Equip­­ment has conque­­red Europe and its next goal is to posi­­tion itself as a strong key player in North America where it has already begun to demons­­trate its exper­­tise.