Doppstadt DH 910 SA & DH 910 SA E


The DH 910 SA is the most powerful precision chipper of the DH series. In figures: The machine can easily cope with soft wood of up to 900 mm diameter and hard wood of up to 680 mm diameter. The 910 SA E still has precision and power with its efficient electro motor.

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Mounted on a tri-axial semitrailer chassis the precision chipper DH 910 SA produces wood chips of the highest grade thanks to its closed rotor and the perfect adjustment of screen basket and blade advance. The 910 SA and SA E boast a slightly longer in-feed unit than others in the DH Range, which allows the DH 910 SA to process even very long pieces of wood with maximum performance and effectivenes. 

Despite its great strength the DH 910 SA shows no signs of sluggishness and is ready for use within minutes. Large smooth-running doors and centralised lubrication points greatly help facilitate maintenance. The chipping knives can also be re-shapened for a much longer service life, even while running at great intensity.


  • Solid construction for continuous, industrial-scale operation
  • Closed, robust chipping drum produces evenly shaped wood chips
  • High rotor weight of > 3.5 t for constant rotation speed, low fuel consumption and evenly-shaped wood chips
  • Custom-built rotor with 45 mm blade advance for economical production of very large wood chips
  • Mountable on semitrailer chassis for easy transportation worldwide


The precision chippers of the DH series 910 process waste wood, wood slabs, log and industrial wood as well as preshredded and stoned root timber to different sizes of wood chips. The machines can handle trunk diameters up to 900 mm temporary.