Doppstadt Trommels

At Blue we offer the world renowned Doppstadt range of SM trommel screens which use the rotating drum method of screening. The fields of applications vary from topsoil, construction waste and compost to the removal of fines from waste. Designed with productivity and durability in mind, the Doppstadt trommels, known as the SM series, are extremely reliable and are easy to maintain.

SM 620K

A multi-use machine known throughout the world for its excellent throughput. Its applications include screening of waste wood, compost, bark mulch, soil, sand to remove finer materials from the input. Rotating drums can be purchased in various sizes to match up with the application that the machine is being used for.

Product Features

Heavy-duty tracklaying chassis

Large feeding hopper capacity with over 7 m³ (9 yd³) volume

Loading height 2,9 m (9,5 ft)

Additional hydraulic connections to operate numerous optional equipment

Product Videos