DW 3060 K Type F

The tracked Doppstadt DW 3060 K slow speed shredder is one of the industries most commonly used shredders Worldwide.  Robust in design, this tracked machine is extremely versatile and is also comfortable in a range of applications from bulky C&D and wood waste to organics and biomass production.   The tried and tested Doppstadt DW slow speed range work on the single shaft design.  Additionally the tracked chassis makes for excellent onsite manoueverability even on the most challenging terrain.


Product Features

Maximum efficiency at lowest operating costs using a 100% mechanical drive system and slow-going shredding technology

The application of different tooth sizes and shredding packages in one machine widens the range of possible grain sizes

Integrated limitation of grain size using the Limiter system

Maximum movability thanks to an extra robust track-mounted chassis allowing for two driving speeds

Product Videos