Doppstadt Shredders

At Blue we offer Doppstadt’s world renowned range of industrial shredders which are designed using precision German engineering to produce the very best quality machinery. The shredders are ideal for shredding green waste, residual waste, wood and timber waste as well as general wood shredding. This means Doppstadt shredders can be utilised within a variety of industries including waste to energy, composting, wood processing and waste recycling.

Doppstadt’s robust shredders include the high-speed AK Range, which shred timber and other materials by means of a flail drum, the slow speed DW Range or combination of both which is labeled the DZ series. With this extensive choice, Doppstadt can offer the right shredder for your application.

DW 2060 K (Slow Speed Shredder)

It’s fast and simple, change the roller of the DW 2060 K with a flick of the wrist, and your output rates rise up to levels typically reserved for high-speed shredding machines.

Product Features

Maximum efficiency at lowest operating costs using a 100% mechanical drive system and slow-going shredding technology

Integrated limitation of grain size using the Limiter system

Optimisation of shredding results by choosing from a great variety of shredding packages

Maximum movability thanks to an extra robust track-mounted chassis allowing for two driving speeds

Product Videos