Westeria Sorting Equipment

Westeria provide cost effective, robust, long lasting, reliable and individually tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for stationary windsifters or mobile windsifters, individual components or complete conveyor systems, if you need flat belt, chain belt, troughed belt conveyor, bunker systems or material distribution systems – Westeria supplies quality and individuality, from planning to assembly in conjunction with Blue Group.


Perfect down to the last detail – that’s the best way to describe the Westeria® MovingFloor® Bunker with its sophisticated modular principle.

The intelligent and cost-effective structured series of these bunker systems provides the greatest possible flexibility within the standard product range.

The bunker system is designed so that the MovingFloor® Bunker can be expanded or upgraded at any time.

The prefabricated modules enable delivery times within 5 weeks.

The application areas of the MovingFloor® Bunker. Bunker systems are also extremely flexible.

From processing substitute fuels through compost up to building waste, everything is possible.