Flip-flow Screens

Spaleck Flip-Flow screen technology is truly WORLD-CLASS.  Developed and built to screen economically Worldwide, SPALECK Flip-Flow screens set the benchmark for efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.  Powerful in every sense of performance, reliability, return on investment.  If optimum screening performance, quality and the screening result are important for you then the SPALECK Flip-Flow screening technology is just right for you.  PErfect to screen trommel fines, soil, wood and many other exacting applications.


  • Non blinding screening mats – less contamination
  • Compact and modular construction
  • Single- or multi-deck execution
  • Dynamic wear resistant screening mats allow an efficient
  • material flow – screwless mounted (fast changeover).
  • The high acceleration on the screening mats ensures a
  • self-cleaning effect.
  • Infinite adjustment of the vibrating parameters to match
  • changing product characteristics / qualities
  • Low operating and maintenance costs