Spaleck Sorting Equipment

Blue Group proudly offers customers the SPALECK range of 3D Combis, Recycling waste screens and Flip Flow screens.
Made in Germany since 1869, Spaleck have been building machines for almost 150 years. You can trust their experience in the area of screening technology. They produce world class systems that are successfully used by leading recycling companies.
Their solutions provide you with maximum performance, reliability and security of investment. In the recycling sector, chemical and foodstuff industry as well as stone and earth industry, SPALECK screening machines do a great job.

3D Combi

SPALECK 3D Combi UNSURPASSED EFFICIENCY, With the 3D Combi, you invest in efficiency. Thanks to this 2 in 1 solution, you save money, steel construction and space. After the installation, the 3D Combi will give constant screening results and high-performance. THE top performer for your entire system 3D Combi get the maximum from your recycling line Screening technology does not only have to function optimally. It must also carry out all the work for the downstream processing steps when recycling – just like your new SPALECK 3D Combi. Up to five screening fractions.

Clean separation cuts – optimal for your further processing High-performance and reliable high-tech for screening developed and produced for customers. The SPALECK 3D Combi screening machine is the benchmark worldwide for profitable processing and recycling.

Product Features

Nearly blockage-free screening in the upper and lower deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.

The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension shaft screen on the lower deck.

The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats avoids unnecessary cleaning.

This combination of 2 system solutions in 1 machine enables you to make enormous savings on conveying equipment, steel structures and space.

Product Videos