Warrior 1400X & 1400XE

The Powerscreen Warrior 1400X has set the benchmark of mobile screeners for decades.  The Warrior 1400 is a flexible screening machine for those who require a high performing, heavy duty and versatile machine.  The X model offers improved performance, serviceability and lower operating costs than the original Warrior 1400 scalper.  Additionally it is designed with economy in mind, with reduced fuel consumption being achieved through a lower engine running speed of 1800rpm.   With its robust design, it can process mixed demolition waste, green waste, soil, concrete, wood and asphalt.

Furthermore, the Warrior 1400XE has been designed to meet the needs of customers looking to electric power and opens up the possibility to run the machine indoors.  Furthermore it can form part of a train and be powered by electricity generated by other Powerscreen models.  The main benefit of the Warrior 1400XE is the variety of power options available.  It can be self-powered with its own 72kVA generator or be connected to a mains electricity

Product Features

Output potential – up to 500 tph

Hopper capacity – 7m3

Heavy duty, incline belt feeder with rigid one-piece hopper

Jack up screen facility to aid mesh changes