Fortress FS-85R

The Fortress FS-75 is a 8.1 tonne mobile shear suited to carriers in the 41-59 tonne range (boom mount) and 77-91 tonne range (Stick mount). It’s innovative engineering with an optimised structure for long-life and high strength to weight ratio. The upper and lower jaws are made from 6″ high-yield structural plate steel, which significantly reduces the need for laminations, and the compact main shaft gives excellent visibility. The elimination of hose inlets and the addition of a contoured reinforcement around the swing bearing strengthens the body and there is top quality rotation components that are rated for full machine pressure to ensure reliability.

Product Features

Excavator size: 41-59T (Boom mount) – 77-91T (Stick mount)

Jaw Opening: 889mm

Jaw Depth: 965mm

Shear Weight: 8,119KG