Fortress FS-145R

The Fortress FS-145R is the largest shear in the range at a whopping 13 tonnes. This model is suitable for carriers in the 66-104 tonne range (boom mount) and 113-141 tonne range (Stick mount). It’s innovative engineering with an optimised structure for long-life and high strength to weight ratio.  There is a significantly enlarged main shaft with oversized guiding thrust washes that eliminates the need for auto guide pick and dramatically improves performance and durability of the shear. The FS145 mobile shear has a razor blade located in the front guide blade making it easier for guide blade shimming. There are tapped blades throughout and rear lugs that run the full length of the shear body creating a superior structure.

Product Features

Excavator size: 66-104T (Boom mount) – 113-141T (Stick mount)

Jaw Opening: 1,092mm

Jaw Depth: 1,092mm

Shear Weight: 13,245KG