The hard-working, aggressive M20R Forestry chipper provides optimal performance for in-woods chipping. Easily filling a 53′ (16.15 m) trailer and sustaining up to four to five loads per day, this hard-working, aggressive chipper is the perfect option for those looking to enter the biomass market with low startup costs. This machine features the Advantage 3 Drum and electronic flow control to control feed speed from the remote. Tough, abrasion-resistant AR-450 steel is used for the drum skin, replaceable belly band, discharge chute and wear strips beneath the bed chain, providing strength and long wear life.

Product Features

Chipping Capacity – 50.8 cm

Horsepower – 415

Dimensions – 6.93 m (L) x 3.48 m (H) x 2.59 m (W)

Drum Size – 84.77 cm x 91.44 cm