HMK MG 600

HMK MG 600 motor grader has been produced for many applications ranging from levelling and digging to metering, trenching, and snow ploughing. The HMK 600 MG features 8 forward and 8 reverse gears! The HMK 600 MG offers its users manoeuvrability capabilities both from the steering wheel and from the joystick. The speed of the machine may be changed with the FNR button on the joystick (140kW – 160kW) and the steering movement may also be controlled by tilting the joysticks to the left or right. The joysticks also allow the operator to control the blade. Driving comfort is enhanced with automatic gear selection and cruise control equipment.

Product Features

ENGINE POWER – 214-242 @ 2200 rpm

MAX. TORQUE – 1000Nm

BLADE LENGTH – 3.710mm

WEIGHT – 18.875kg