EMS TCS18-36 Turbo Charger Separator

Ref No. BMSC/13EMSTCS18-36/425/CS

It comes with 10mm drum, 8mm fines separator screen 8mm, walk way, X1 incline belt, X1 stockpiler, one man picking station. All electric powered by soft start which is included. It's purpose is to be used as a fines clean up system. Converting Your Waste into a Marketable Product The TCS18-36 incorporates efficient drum and air separation for increased screening capabilities. The dual functions of this unit allows for complete segregation based on size and weight. • Capable of treating C&D waste • Replaceable bolted screen panels • Range of screen sizes can be fitted • Air Separation for complete segregation of light material. • Designed for easy shipping and installation • Suitable for various feeding mechanisms adaptable to concrete walls

Category Screeners
Manufacturer EMS
Model TCS18-36
Age 2013
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