Static SM Trommel range

Doppstadt offer an extensive range of static trammel screens for all applications. All Doppstadt static trommels can be integrated into existing or new waste systems or used as standalone entities for more simple screening operations.

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Available from 3 metre long up to 15 metre, with variable diameter options for larger screening areas, all Doppstadt trommels can be custom made for your specific requirements. Additionally, drums can be configured according to the material type and output specification required with punch plate apertures determining the splits obtained. Split drums are also available upon request.

The static trommels operate on the rotating drum principle where smaller materials are screened out of the waste stream as they pass along the screening surface, with the materials smaller than the apertures falling through as the smaller split. The larger material continues along and is known as the oversize, relating to being larger than the size of the apertures.

The Doppstadt static trommels can be positioned at varying heights depending on space, onsite constraints and/or operators preference.

The models in the SM/SST range start at the 3m long SM 318A model and goes through to the 15m long Doppstadt SST 1525 which has a 2.5m wide drum. For more details of the exact models please contact Blue Group