DW 306 Ceron


The Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron single-shaft static slow speed shredder is capable of high throughput and is ideally suited to most waste shredding applications.

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From pre-shredding MSW waste and C&I material, to shredding waste wood and mixed construction waste, the Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron static shredder is capable of excellent volume reduction. The extremely robust steel construction with fixing points for the drive unit, the quickly replaceable shredding tools and other easy to access components guarantee maximum performance and a long service life. All wear parts are easily accessible for maintenance and are made of wear resistant steel for long wear life.

The Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron is ready to work within a few minutes and is powered by either DC or rotary current motor. The Doppstadt shredder is extremely powerful due to the well proven direct drive by planetary gear.
Operation and controls of the DW are by a central control panel, with a remote control optional which includes the most important functions.

The Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron is a large volume slow speed shredder which is ideal for the most rugged applications where volume reduction at high tonnage is required