AK 435E


The Doppstadt AK 435 E high speed shredder is the electronic static version of arguably the world's most popular mobile high speed the Doppstadt AK 435.

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Based on the same design, the AK 435 E accomplishes its tasks by the free swinging flail principle combined with the grinding basket. The Doppstadt AK 435 E can quickly be changed for various different applications due to the various, quickly replaceable tools. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by V-belt drive of the flail drum and hydraulic drive of the additional components.

Similar to all Doppstadt machines, the static high speed shredders have easy accessibility thanks to large protection doors, ensuring ease of maintenance.

Designed for large volume processing, the shredder has a large feed hopper with hydraulically driven scraper floor and infeed roller for controlled material feed to the shredder. The flail mallets shred the material, achieving a determined specification by means of the basket size. In case of any contaminants entering the shredder, the flail tips retract automatically to protect the machine and to reduce the tool wear.

The static shredder is very user friendly, with easy operation from a central control panel and/or optional remote control.

The AK 435 E is the choice of many large volume wood processors across the globe who are looking for a low cost shredder capable of exceptional volume reduction to exacting specifications.