Doppstadt DF 307 Rotaro


The Doppstadt DF 307 Rotaro RDF and SRF shredder is an especially efficient single shaft secondary shredder for the processing of derived fuel products and other materials.

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The robust steel body and simple assembly guarantees a long lifespan and the smooth running of the machine. High rotor mass increases the energy efficiency of the drive since torque peaks do not have to be compensated for by electric drives alone. The rotor is driven by two three-phase AC motors power coupled to the rotor by drive belts.
The knives are easily exchanged and can be repeatedly reused, which guarantees the shortest downtime during the knife exchange and high usability of the machine with low wear costs. The coarseness of the end product can be selected using interchangeable gates with different mesh size depending on the exact specification required.


  • Robust steel structure
  • Hydraulic pusher with load sensing control
  • Large maintenance access panels guarantee good accessibility to the shredding chamber
  • Exchangeable knives for rotor and stator - rapid change of knives by way of simple fixing arrangements
  • Easy sieve exchange - grade adjustable to customer requirement - round or rhombus forms
  • High energy efficiency due to large rotor mass
  • Intelligent shearing apparatus protects the machine against the ingress of hard solid objects in the shredding chamber
  • Fast service resumption in the case of break-down