Cesaro Tiger HS 640

The Cesaro Tiger food waste de-packaging system has been designed for the effective separation and processing of organic waste from food waste collection or expired packaged foodstuff and can form an integral part of an anaerobic digestion, composting or organic waste treatment plant.

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The compact yet highly efficient Cesaro Tiger separates plastic and processed packaging using the wet or dry process, thus removing the organic fraction for secondary processing.

The wet process involves the supply of fluids during the work. The amount of fluids to be used is pre-set and controlled by the control system. The organic fraction obtained can then be pumped into the system for further processing.  Alternatively, the dry process does not use  any process fluids. The  organic fraction obtained is semi-solid and can then be handled by a wheel loader like other waste streams.


The Cesaro Tiger HS 640 can be utilised in the following types of plants and systems: -

  • anaerobic digestion plants to prepare the substrate to be forwarded to treatment;
  • composting plants as pre-treatment of incoming organic wastes;
  • organic waste receiving and transferring stations as preliminary treatment;
  • plants  for the recovery and processing of wastes and expired packaged foods


  • Food Waste
  • AD
  • Organics
  • Depackaging