One of the main benefits of the new MultiFeeder bunker system is its linear transfer of the feed material. Due to this, the bunker system takes up incredibly little space and can be easily integrated into existing systems. There are 4 different designs for this particular bunker system



  • The whole system is conceived according to the building kit principle
  • All bunker models can be quickly and easily dismantled to their individual modules, making it possible to be shipped in a standard shipping container
  • Due to the modular construction the bunker can be easily extended and therefore has a high value retention
  • Bunker volume range from 10 m³ to 40 m³ using the same construction parts
  • Optimum usage width in relation to the outer width


Depending on the material to be processed, the MultiFeeder bunker can be supplied with a chain conveyor, belt conveyor, slat conveyor or with pusher plates. Across all the bunker designs, you can choose from a 1,200 mm, 1,600 mm or 2,000 mm operating width, with a maximum bunker length of up to 12 metres. Regardless of whether the materials are light such as film/PET bottles or paper/cardboard packaging, sharp-edged or even hot, the MultiFeeder bunker system is the perfect solution