• Three available series offer the right bunker for every material:

· Light design up to 0.3 t / m³

· Medium design up to 0.6 t / m³

· Heavy design up to 1.2 t / m³

  •  Various wall designs available: galvanized or optionally stainless steel, Hardox or painted
  •  All floor assemblies and rod types are set up statically for HGV navigability


  • The whole system is strictly conceived on a modual kit principal

  • All bunker models can be quickly and easily disassembled into their individual modules, so it possible for the equipment to be shipped in a standard ISO sea container

  • Due to the modular construction, the bunker can be easily extended and therefore has a high value retention

  • Bunker volume range from 20 m³ to 480 m³ all from the same construction elements

  • Standard variants can be provided for integration into the concrete bunker

  • Minimum material loss due to optimised Westeria® coating system