Airtrack 2


With its generously dimensioned tracked chassis, Airtrack 2 can be used for almost all sites.

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Due to its high-performance electromagnet an absolutely clean and efficient iron separation is guaranteed.


High-performance 30t tracked chassis
Low-level dust emission due to a sophisticated air-circulation system
LED headlights on all relevant parts of the machine
Rapid, tool-free „one hand adjustment“ of x and y positions of the conveyor belt as well as the nozzle inclination

Central lubrication system
Minimal cleaning effort due to hinged filter grilles
Cleanfix cooler cleaning system: no manual cleaning for at least 8 hours

Very effective iron separation via a high performance Steinert electromagnet
Iron separation only from heavy materials, thus exceptionally clean and very marketable iron function
Very precise separation of materials via stable core jet velocity, maximal
deviation across the entire working width is below 2%


From the separation of the building rubble to the reprocessing of substitute fuels