The Windsifter Airbasic is part of the latest generation of mobile windsifter technology from Westeria.

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Internally the material is spread onto a conveyor using patented disk technology.  It is then presented to the initial separation area where a steel drum and air blower takes the lights over the top of the drum, with the heavy fraction falling down below.  The lights can then be further separated with the use of a suction chamber and additional conveyor incorporated within the machine.


Construction advantages

Simple, sturdy setting of the air separator feeder belt via cable winches – as a result, no fixed spindle jacks

Integrated air hose for cleaning the machine

Sufficient revision gaps to facilitate maintenance and cleaning tasks

Separator drum with optional Hardox design

Process air recirculation through the roof segments, resulting in minimised dust emission

Very large air inlet grille in the expansion chamber with large maintenance flaps for cleaning

Optimised construction for standard transport via lorry or ships


Sturdy base frame for optimum mobility

Pipe supports mechanically adjustable for height

Feeder belt with material distribution for optimum separator results

Reversible output belt for heavy fraction waste

Conveyor belts with integrated impact tables on the inlets

Easy-to-operate application control with large touch screen

Optional fully automatic setting of the air separator according to formulas





Construction waste
Mixed construction site waste
Commercial waste
Incinerator slag