Wood Shredders

Here at Blue Group, we offer a range of industry-leading wood shredders which are famous the world over for their precision engineering. Made to the highest quality, all of the machines we provide have a huge range of functions. Our wood shredders are the ideal machines for garden waste, residual waste as well as wood and timber waste. We even have machines perfect for general wood shredding.

Our wood shredders are made to the highest specifications, this means they perform to the highest standard across a variety of industries. The waste, energy, composting, wood processing and waste recycling industries all rely on our products to increase productivity.

Our robust wood shredders range include the high-speed AK from Doppstadt. These strong and reliable grinders shred timber and other materials by means of a flail drum. They have a high throughput and a patented load-sensing material feed, which means the machines are capable of any type of grinding task. Whatever your needs, the AK range will achieve an efficient output and recovery of secondary raw materials.

The DW slow speed range provides powerful roller and comb shredders that work on the single-shaft principle, suitable to the most difficult tasks.  These stationary wood shredders stand out for their high throughput which is able to process materials with a lumpy structure.

Thanks to various, quickly-replaceable tools, the DW wood shredders can be adjusted to perform different tasks in minimal time. The DW range is renowned for exceptional build quality, high product quality in the production of biomass and substitute fuels as well as the volume reduction of a variety of waste materials including skip waste, green waste, wood waste as well as some industrial waste.

The final range in our series of wood shredders are the DZ combination shredders. These provide a unique combination of pre-shredding and grinding, all in one single machine. These machines are highly regarded for their suitability at recycling large volumes of wood for recycling.

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