Doppstadt Inventor Type 9


One of the key advantages of the Doppstadt Inventhor mobile shredder is the new drive concept incorporating direct, continuous power transmission based on a patented 'Vario DirectDrive' system

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The comb within the INVENTHOR includes a comb flap that opens up to 120°. Overall, the completely revamped shredding concept further improves the saftety of the operator as well as those who carry out maintenance and service work.  Doors that open upwards ensures easy access to all areas of the machine.

A foldable feed hopper increasing the feeding area, along with the particularly steep ascending hopper walls help to maximise throughput rates of the Inventor . The flexible shredding concept means the machine can adaprt to a variety of different imput materials from green waste to general waste as well as many others


Among the many technical innovations, the off-the-shelf VarioDirect Drive takes centre stage. The system directly and continuously transmits power to the grinding drum and provides entirely new possibilities to further enhance efficiency and flexibility in the grinding process. The VarioDirect Drive stands out for a new reversing behaviour towards the material, material-depending rotational speeds and the inclusion of several material-specific modes of operation. Even when high requirements are put on the material, the tremendously flexible VarioDirect Drive ensures maximum performance and efficiency.


The INVENTHOR Type 9 is suitable for a great variety of materials such as old growth, stem wood, root wood, green waste, bio waste, domestic waste, bulky waste, commercial waste, mixed construction waste, tyres, railroad ties and many more. For special grinding requirements, the Doppstadt coarse grinding machines can be combined with other systems, e.g. fine shredders or drum screen machines.