Doppstadt DW 3060 Type F Bio

Looking for a powerful, ultra-precise solution for your shreeding challenges? The DW 3060 Type F Bio Power is exactly what you want.The DW 3060 Type F BioPower boasts output rates typically reserved for high-speed shredding machines. Thanks to the one-of-a-kind QuickChange system the roller can be changed in no time at all, without the cumbersome and time-consuming setup of gearbox and support.


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The DW 3060 Type F BioPower is driven by an extra strong power unit and solves all shredding tasks with maximum efficiency – as you would expect from our DW machines.

The fine shredding system "Limiter" is an optional piece of equipment and is exactly what you need to hold back over-sized particles that some how made it through the initial shredding stage.


  • Contaminant-free end product
  • Contaminant-resistant fine shredding system „Limiter“ (additional equipment)
  • 100% direct drive for maximum degreee of efficiency and low operational costs. Additional equipment "Selector" for evenly shaped end products starting from 1 l Diesel/t
  • Use of different tooth sizes and shredding kits in one machine
  • Easy set-up for maximum operational safety.
  • Optionally available near-mesh grain separator HS 401 and HS 800 "Selector" to realize finished end products without unwanted fine grain portions
  • Maximum operational safety based on the simple machine setup and the experience gained from more than 1.000 DW units currently operated in the various markets