Doppstadt DW 3060 K Type F

This tracked machine offers an addition piece of equipment for fine shredding.  The 'Limiter'
holds back over-sized particles that make it through the initial shredding stage. Plus to ensure against damage the gimbal-mounted components the 'Limiter' easily dodges contaminants and takes the maverick particles back to be processed one more time.

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This robust machine is powered by a robust two-speed chain chassis with exchangeable chain links. Even on the most shaky grounds the machine accounts for output rates typically attributed to high-speed counterparts.

Thanks to the one-of-a-kind QuickChange system the roller can be changed in no time at all, without the cumbersome and time-consuming setup of gearbox and support. The same goes for the counter blade which you can change entirely without tools.


  • Maximum efficiency and low operational costs thanks to powerful direct drive
  • Contaminant resistant fine shredding system „Limiter“ (additional equipment)
  • Fine shredding system "Selector" for evenly shaped, fines-free finished goods (additional equipment)
  • Easy set-up for maximum operational safety
  • Two-speed chain chassis for maximum mobility


The shredders of the Doppstadt DW series process waste wood, logs, roots, green waste, biowaste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, mixed construction waste and much more. For special applications, the DW shredders can be easily combined with other Doppstadt products, such as grinders or screens.