Doppstadt AK 635 K EcoPower

This tracked machine a offers a heavy grating mass. The flail drum with 1000 rpm and the 36 free-swinging flail holders with replaceable flail tips mean this high speed shredder is unrivalled.  The quickly replaceable shredding system is unique meaning the final product can be changed in less than 15 minutes.  The AK 635 K has 4m long hopper and 7m long discharge conveyor

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The AK 635 K EcoPower is a powerful grinding machine with quiet and economical engine. This is because the electronically controlled engine operates at an exceptionally low noise level and stands out for very moderate fuel consumption. The AK 635 K EcoPower is suited to all high speed shredding tasks, since the machine has a 4m feeding hopper and 7m long discharge conveyor for extensive stockpiling.

Versatility, performance, economy: with the AK 635 K EcoPower you are always at the helm of innovative waste processing!


  • Mobile due to the semitrailer chassis and maintenance-friendly thanks to large side doors and central lubrication.
  • A replaceable grinding basket closes the grinding chamber at the rear; the mesh size determines the material grain size.
  • The load-sensing scraper floor leads the material to be grinded to the heavy roller with oscillating bearing which forwards the material securely into the grinding chamber.
  • Short set-up times (< 10 min.) thanks to the hydraulically foldable discharge conveyor, the standard equipment includes an overband magnet.
  • The swivelling radiator is easily accessible. For self-cleaning, the large fan is reversible. The low speed of the fan keeps the noise level down.
  • The free-swinging flail holders of the flail drum (2,5 t / 5,512 lb) are provided with easily replaceable flail tips that can be adjusted to the materials to be grinded (e.g. hard metal, armoured tips).
  • Easy machine handling by remote control and hydraulic drive. The machine can be moved by the wheel loader grab and slip-on coupling


  • Wood Recycling
  • Biomass
  • Animal Bedding
  • Pallets

The universal grinders of the Doppstadt AK series process green waste, yard  waste, biowaste, pre-shredded logs and roots, waste wood and wooden  pallets. For special applications, the AK grinders can be combined with  other Doppstadt products, such as shredders or screening machines.